The Story Behind Portfoliobox: Part 1


In the summer of 2013 Portfoliobox and our 8 employees joined forces with Taylor Box Company. We had a history of working with the team at Taylor for close to 20 years. Together we tackled many challenging projects, combining the design and production experience of both companies to produce the best possible package, whatever form it took. We developed a good feel for the people, the culture and the focus of Taylor Box Company. Clearly we shared many important similarities.

Our customers at Portfoliobox expected and demanded That our work be of the absolute highest quality. Taylor’s customers expected no less. The desire and commitment to make the very best, whether it be a box or folio for artwork, a point of purchase package, an event invite or a multi faceted presentation kit for brand marketing was and is at the core culture of both companies.

We both possessed an eagerness to engage with customers as partners, helping them in developing important strategic projects. We also shared a vision and a way of doing things. We both believed in running a company that was focused on creating a community around the staff in the shop, the supply partners, the customers and our creative design teams.

Now, as a combined company, we feel uniquely qualified to design and build premium packaging for the world’s most discerning clientele. In other words, we welcome the challenge to work for very demanding customers.

Interestingly, the easy part was packing up all of the tooling, equipment, inventory and miscellany that are part of making beautiful handmade portfolios. That took about a week or two. The challenge would be truly integrating the two companies into one team from top to bottom. It was more than just making the accounting adjustments, finding room in Taylor Box’s facility and building a new website.

We had to explain to our customers that even as everything seemingly had changed very little would actually change. We still had the same people and the same equipment to make our products. We would still make great portfolios and presentation cases but now at a new address 30 minutes down the road. I won’t go into the finer points of the process except to say that it was a learning experience for both teams and we grew immeasurably from having done it.

In my next blog post I will share with you how it all started and provide you with insights into how we built the foremost portfolio workshop studio in the US for making beautiful handmade folios and boxes.

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