Portfoliobox of the Month: Princeton’s Premium Slipcase

Effective donor recognition can be a weighty challenge. The Princeton University Library‘s exhibition of Landmark Thematic Maps provided an opportunity to demonstrate their appreciation to premium donors. The exquisitely printed exhibition catalog, brimming with reproductions, needed an equally impressive packaging solution to complete the presentation. Portfoliobox, in collaboration with book designer Mark Argetsinger, engineered and produced this premium slipcase.

The slipcase is constructed with a basswood frame and Eska board panels, securely holding this surprisingly heavy book. The covering material is Brillianta, a linen-type material made by van Heek Textiles. The image on the cover is taken from a page in the book, trimmed and placed in a recessed well. It has been likened to a “window” into the book. These little details are what help the premium slipcase make the book into a truly memorable gift.

Technical Specifications:
Product Held: Book commemorating the collection
Style: Slipcase
Size: 11 x 8.5 x .875″
Materials: Basswood, Eska board, Brillianta wrap
Decoration: recessed printed label

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