Portfoliobox of the Month: Mark Stoermer’s ‘Filthy’ Box Set

For a collector or super-fan, nothing beats a box set. Sure, there is a pleasure in assembling each individual release – to collect every separate album or film in a series along with the respective packaging- but there’s an undeniable element of curation and exclusivity to a box set that makes it feel even more than complete. Box sets go beyond. They give fans a chance to assemble their favorite media and score specialty swag along the way. Box sets are also an opportunity for designers to flex their creativity and create distinct, memorable packaging.

Making a Mark

You might know Mark Stoermer from his work with perennial American rock band The Killers. Since 2002, he’s been playing bass in one of the most popular bands in the world, but in recent years, he’s been honing his solo sound. Stoermer’s latest album, “Filthy Apes and Lions” is a psychedelic journey through a sonic jungle. The lyrics ooze vivid imagery, and when combined with Stoermer’s floating vocals, the affect is something like Sergeant Pepper’s era Beatles.

Custom Box, Tray with 3 Panel Lid, Fur Lining and ribbon lift.
Filthy Apes and Lions box set, a Tray with a 3 Panel Lid style package.

This album is more than just the music, however. It’s also an incredibly well-branded project with playful, elegant packaging.

A logo can go a long way. How iconic are designs for acts like The Wu-Tang Clan or The Grateful Dead? In the case of “Filthy Apes”, the titular apes and lions appear on all sorts of Mark Stoermer merchandise to support this release. The medieval-influenced designs don t-shirts, air fresheners, and even appear in the album artwork by Romanian artist Saddo.

But the apes and lions might look best in gold foil on the cover of this superlative box set.

Beast of a box set design

Only one hundred pieces were made for this limited-edition box set. Inside and out, this is an exceptional piece. The foil stamped figures on the front of the box practically leap off the soft-touch panel. The filthy beasts are rendered in brilliant golden detail and pop out against the black background. And on the interior, a truly wild surprise; fur lining.

Custom Box, Tray with 3 Panel Lid, Fur Lining and ribbon lift.
The gold foil metallic foil stamping on the front stands our razor sharp against the soft touch black material of the wrap.

Much of our finer work features a specially lined interior to accommodate the particular nature of the product. Silk is standard for premium liquor packaging, and suede material has also made its way into our repertoire of premium jewelry packaging. A lined interior adds a sense of value while complimenting the aesthetic of the packaging. For an album called ‘Filthy Apes and Lions’, mock orangutan fur was the only appropriate choice.

Plush strands of bright orange fur protect the precious goods within. The contents of the box included a signed vinyl copy of ‘Filthy Apes and Lions’, two stickers, a custom journal/storybook, poster, and two unique Polaroids. Everything an avid collector could ever want. A ribbon pull on the inside of the packaging ensures an easy removal of the collateral without risk of damaging the rare materials inside.

Custom Box, Tray with 3 Panel Lid, Fur Lining and ribbon lift.
Mock orangutan fur lines the interior, a shocking flame orange experience!

There are any number of design wonders that can elevate specialty packaging. It could be a structural innovation or a graphic decoration that really convinces consumers to give it a shot. For ‘Filthy Apes and Lions’ the simple addition of textured fur material launches this box set into a wholly different league. It’s not often that such a whimsical feature is paired with such dignified packaging. It’s a refreshing mixture that demonstrates the breadth of our capabilities in custom work.





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