“American Motel”

“American Motel”

A custom Lipped Clamshell designed to look like a Gideon Bible to hold an edition print from photographer Eric Cousineau’s collection “American Motel”

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Product Description

When photographer Eric Cousineau came to Portfoliobox for a series of custom Lipped Clamshell style box he had a particular vision in mind: an oversized Gideon Bible. We loved his concept, which tied seamlessly into the theme of the edition “American Motel.”  Eric even provided the Zebra Wood panels that line the side of this Bass Wood framed presentation piece. The exterior and interior are wrapped with IM Leather Cloth in Dark Red with a Mission grain, and the front features a gold foil hot stamp. This Lipped Clamshell also has an inverted tray in the base to create an elegant platform to hold the print. This is a perfect example of how a Portfoliobox can meaningfully enhance its contents, and even become a part of the piece.


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