Portfoliobox of the Month: Bespoke Luxury Invitations + Packaging for Any Event!

Weddings, Charity Balls, Corporate Events, Restaurant Openings or the Ultimate Party. We depart this month from our usual format to feature possibilities rather than specific projects. Whether it’s an invitation, gourmet menu, an awards folder or special packaging for a keepsake, Portfoliobox brings your vision to life.

Bespoke Packaging

You’re launching a chic new cocktail restaurant; imagine a collection of bespoke lunch, dinner and drink menus with irregular and distinguishing silhouettes, all in a unique bonded leather cover material with matching ribbon.

You’re hosting a black tie fundraiser for your local philanthropy association with premium donor tables; Imagine luxury invitations, place cards, and a memento gift box, all in the same printed silk.
Bespoke Packaging

You’re organizing a celebratory luncheon for university trustees; imagine custom-dyed leather bound folders with your university seal in metallic foil.


From almost any starting point, our design team integrates structural and decorative materials, forming and finishing techniques and skilled craftsmanship to make your presentation ever more memorable. Client projects pictured above include luxury invitations with coverings of silk, metallic and soft-touch paper over frames of Eska board or wood. Everything from custom screen printed designs to foil stamped logos to embedded plates decorate the surfaces.

Group_ ChicSueade

Portfoliobox – we make the luxury packaging that your guests admire, take home and keep. Reminders of special times.

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Portfoliobox of the Month: Twig & Fig Couture Display

Twig & Fig Paperie’s letterpress artisans employ state of the art tools and the highest quality inks to continue the tradition of exquisite letterpress printing while reinterpreting the craft in innovative and forward-thinking ways. When you are that passionate about the invitations you create, you need an equally impressive box to display these wares. Naturally, they turned to the craftsmen at Portfoliobox for a couture display to suit.

This box is constructed with a basswood frame and Eska board neck tray and panels. The sides and interior are wrapped in a shimmery, silky fabric while the cover is clad in sumptuous gold brocade – both materials manufactured by World Cloth (Japan). The finishing touch is a deeply etched copper plate secured in a recessed setting in the cover.

Whether your product is bespoke invitations, special gifts, custom jewelry or handmade fine housewares, the inspired design team at Portfoliobox will work with you to produce an unforgettable, couture display.. Display or point of purchase, we strive to add value to the buying experience. Our attention to the details assures that your customer will know they are holding something special.

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Technical Specifications
Product Held: Invitation and stationary samples
Style: Lipped Clamshell box with neck tray
Size: 11 x 16 x 4.5
Materials: World Cloth 361-A Ginga + 150-B Mikura-Donsu
Decoration: Etched copper plate inset cover, copper foil stamp on spine

Portfoliobox of the Month: Princeton’s Premium Slipcase

Effective donor recognition can be a weighty challenge. The Princeton University Library‘s exhibition of Landmark Thematic Maps provided an opportunity to demonstrate their appreciation to premium donors. The exquisitely printed exhibition catalog, brimming with reproductions, needed an equally impressive packaging solution to complete the presentation. Portfoliobox, in collaboration with book designer Mark Argetsinger, engineered and produced this premium slipcase.

The slipcase is constructed with a basswood frame and Eska board panels, securely holding this surprisingly heavy book. The covering material is Brillianta, a linen-type material made by van Heek Textiles. The image on the cover is taken from a page in the book, trimmed and placed in a recessed well. It has been likened to a “window” into the book. These little details are what help the premium slipcase make the book into a truly memorable gift.

Technical Specifications:
Product Held: Book commemorating the collection
Style: Slipcase
Size: 11 x 8.5 x .875″
Materials: Basswood, Eska board, Brillianta wrap
Decoration: recessed printed label

Portfoliobox of the Month: Chuck Close Limited Edition Portfolio

Portfoliobox collaborates internationally for the material difference

Chuck Close is an American painter known for using creative and intricate patterns to portray a human portrait. He envisioned Scribble Book as a self-portrait that emerges step by step out of the printing process one plate and one color at a time. Volume One contains the State Proofs, a series of 9 monochromatic prints, 1 for each of the 9 applied colors. Volume Two, the Progressive Proofs, shows the colors building up on the paper. The completed limited edition print is revealed on the final page.

Scribble Book #5  Scribble Book #2

The process of creating this two-volume limited edition portfolio set took Little Steidl Press over 3 years. The press sheets were printed in Germany under the watchful eye of revered book publisher, Gerhard Steidl, before being shipped to Portfoliobox in Rhode Island to begin the binding and box making process. The covering material traveled from Germany to RI to California and back to Portfoliobox where the books and boxes were completed.

Scribble Book #1

Both the books and the box are covered with Cotlin, a natural sailcloth-type fabric made by Bamberger. The books are accordion bound with each set of prints being mounted on a strip of fabric over 9′ long. A Lipped Clamshell Box with basswood frame was chosen to house the books. This design opens flat at the spine, allowing easy access to the books while offering the option of viewing the prints without removing them from the confines of the box.

Scribble Book #3


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